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Avalon Projects is backed by our passionate and highly competent team of carpenters, tradespersons, and supervisors that all work to bring our projects to life.

Whether it’s your dream home or your dream business, our team is guaranteed to provide you with a solution that is both bespoke and timeless in its design.



At Avalon Projects we're uniquely positioned and come prepared with a wealth of experience in the commercial and Residential sectors.

Our vast experience means that we can provide you with in-house Quantity Surveying, Cost Control and Project Management, and an array of major construction knowledge. Minimising disruptions and prioritising the prompt delivery of your Commercial Fit-out.


Whether it’s enhancing your living space, large scale renovations or crafting a brand-new luxury home. We’re driven by our passion for quality, intricate details, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Collaborating with our expert architects and designers ewards you with a seamless and memorable building experience. Ensuring a bespoke solution that both integrates with your lifestyle and the unique characteristics of your property.


Blending form, function, and nature.

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